Why Daily DeFusion? Part 2

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Maddie's Side of the Story

By Madeline Warriner

You've heard about how Evan began piecing together the puzzle of Daily DeFusion, but where did this other human come from? Who, me!? Why, I'd be so happy to fill you in! Let me tell you why I'm here....

How did I get involved?

Evan and I met last year as trainers at a gym, and we hit it off right away nerding out over our mutual love of neuroscience, research, and general health and wellness. We spent a lot of time cleaning up equipment and talking about the ways that food, sleep, movement, meditation and restorative practices affect brain chemistry and overall body health. We were constantly discussing the disconnect in the way we address and compartmentalize physical and mental health. For us it felt so simple and obvious that these two ideas are not separate.

We related to the idea that “everything is yoga”. Yoga teaches us that you practice focus, diligence, compassion, and non-judgement through stressful situations on your mat, and you practice focus, diligence, compassion, and non-judgement in stressful situations in your day-to-day life. We understand that yoga is not everyone’s jam, but the idea is simple. Through your breath, through rhythmic movement, through challenge and release, we train the body and mind to handle what we think it can’t. And then we handle what we think we can’t.

We wanted to bring this sentiment into more spaces. Exercise is a stress-reliever for many, but how can we use that time to train our bodies and minds to be less stressed in general?

And Daily DeFusion was born. Well- almost. Evan approached me with an idea, some class formats, some name ideas, and a dream to bring this philosophy into a more accessible space.

Why am I into it?

Dancing was my first love and is still where I feel most myself. I fall in love with dance over and over because it is a way to integrate breath, rhythm, focus, perseverance, compassion and expression into a single mental and physical practice. It is also a way to notice what is pained in the body, and find a way to move through it. I could sense there was something deeper happening in these environments, and I decided to research what was happening in the brain during a choreographic process. I focused my Masters thesis on what happens in the brain when utilizing mindful movement. This research continued post-grad into my professional life, where I’ve hosted many trainings for teachers and administrators to learn how to integrate mindful movement into classrooms, and why it is vital.

As it turns out, dancing is unique because it is an emotional expression as well as mindful movement. But mindful movement alone (focusing on your movement while moving) literally repatterns the neural pathways in our brain. We can CHANGE the way we think, address the ways we handle difficult decisions, emergency situations, and stressful scenarios by training the brain and body to be “stressed” and “calm” at the same time. And how do we do that? We practice.

We practice feeling and finding challenge. We practice feeling like we are not strong enough, and we breathe through it all, we tell ourselves we’re kicking ass, and we take a longggggg rest at the end. We pat ourselves on the back and try again tomorrow. We allow ourselves to feel pride and success.

We also practice feeling safe, protected, and prepared. This is part of the reason why mindfulness and mobility practices are paramount to Daily DeFusion. Not only do these things feel great, but they are ESSENTIAL for injury prevention and recovery. At Daily DeFusion, we want you to feel challenged, but we also want you to feel empowered to say, “My body cannot do that right now,” or “I am too tired to do jumping lunges safely,” or simply “NOT TODAY.”

Okay, get on with the story…

So, Evan asked me to get involved and I was PUMPED, to say the least. We started brainstorming ways to make the content accessible. We started discussing ways to make classes attract athletes and non-athletes. People who train every day, and people who haven’t taken a class in years, or ever. We wanted there to be something for everyone, and we think we’ve created that. We want you to feel challenged, supported, and empowered. We want you to take this time for yourself and feel really good about it.

Together, we make a great team. Evan has a background in mental health counseling, and I wrote a thesis on mindful movement and cognitive development. Evan is a nutrition coach and I work with clients in trauma-informed ways. We both have personal clients. We both love to teach and practice yoga. I love pilates. Evan loves HIIT. We love to make bad jokes. We love to have fun. And we really just want to make YOU feel good about yourself, when you’re exercising, when you’re relaxing, when you’re in stressful situations or making a tough decision.

We’re so looking forward to seeing you in class. Click here to book.

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