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Daily DeFusion

A fusion of movement, mobility, and mindfulness 

Combining cardiovascular exercise, strength training, yoga, pilates, myofascial release, and mindfulness-based stress reduction, our DeFusion classes stimulate the nervous system in a way that induces mental and physical health. 

The Core Four  

Different doses of fusion for your daily needs

Each of our Core Four classes utilize exercise and mindfulness in different combinations to activate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and meet your daily physical needs. Choose a class with an emphasis on movement, mobility, or mindfulness, or try our FirstFuse class which highlights all three.

Fusion Founders

Co-creators and trainers of Daily DeFusion

Evan Lawrence and Madeline Warriner are a team of professionals specializing in cognitive development, yoga, pilates, personal training, group fitness classes, mindfulness practices, and cognitive behavioral therapy. 

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